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Hi, I’m Mary Jane Morley! I am a Buffalo business lawyer and entrepreneur. I created MJ Morley Law PC to provide innovative and affordable legal solutions to help your business thrive.

Combining a New York hustle with Canadian kindness, our team partners with you to achieve extraordinary results for your business.

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Starting Your Business

Our woman-led law firm seamlessly navigates Limited Liability (“LLC”), Professional Limited Liability (“PLLC”), Corporation, and Professional Corporation (“PC”) creation. We form compliant business structures tailored to your individual and business needs. Focusing on the end goal, experience precision and dedication in every legal step with us. For companies seeking MBE or WBE certification we provide straightforward guidance on the practices and procedures that will help you get there.


Expanding Your Business

Grow your team with confidence through our legal guidance in developing detailed employee handbooks, employment agreements and independent contractor agreements. We focus on ensuring legal clarity and compliance, fostering a harmonious and productive workplace environment. We defend employers in court and before government agencies facing allegations of discrimination. We assist clients seeking New York and NYC MWBE Certifications and other licenses to expand their businesses.


Protecting Your Business

Safeguard your business and your brand, both online and offline, with our legal services. We handle trademarks, copyrights, website legalities, and navigate through challenges posed by competitors or disputes with customers. Ensuring your business remains secure and thriving in any environment. 

We work across industries and pride ourselves on learning your business. We offer flat rate and subscription services to life coaches and digital course creators. 

our Approach

we focus on results

Your primary goal is your primary goal. We will collaborate with you, harnessing our legal expertise and unique industry insights, to design a tailored strategy aimed at achieving your desired outcomes. Together, we’re poised to navigate a course towards success.

Navigating the legal world as a business owner or an entrepreneur can feel daunting. As fellow entrepreneurs and business attorneys, we are committed to breaking down complex legalities into clear, actionable insights. Together, we’ll ensure you are not only informed but also confident in the business and legal decisions you make. 

Why mj morley law?


Embracing innovation, we integrate cutting-edge legal-tech tools to enhance our service efficiency and meet each client’s unique needs. Our commitment to open communication ensures clarity in every aspect of our work. With us, expect transparent pricing, straightforward but creative advice, and realistic outcomes.

transparent pricing

We recognize that cost considerations can deter new and small businesses from engaging with legal counsel. Celebrating transparency in legal services, our firm proudly offers flat-rate pricing for entity formations, contract drafting, MBE and WBE applications, employee handbooks, and more.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with clear, upfront costs – no surprises, just straightforward legal solutions tailored to your needs. To ensure clarity and transparency, our services billed at hourly rates are accompanied by a comprehensive budget. We prioritize keeping you well-informed throughout the process, providing a clear understanding of costs without any unexpected surprises


Our team is led by MJ, a dynamic Buffalo business attorney and entrepreneur. With firsthand experience in running small businesses, MJ offers practical, cost-effective legal solutions tailored for entrepreneurs. She began her career in a prominent New York law firm, handling a wide array of legal matters, from intellectual property to employment matters, to cybersecurity.

MJ’s excellence in commercial litigation earned her the Super Lawyers® Rising Star designation in 2023 and the Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch® in America in 2024. 

A summa cum laude graduate from Albany Law School of Union University, her academic and professional journey is marked by significant achievements and leadership roles, equipping her with a deep understanding of the legal landscape for businesses of all sizes. MJ started law school with one child, and ended law school with two. She is proud to show them what a hardworking female attorney can accomplish for her clients.

Licensed to practice in New York and several U.S. District Courts, MJ’s experience and innovative approach are pivotal in guiding our clients through complex legal challenges.


Our firm is steadfastly results-focused, dedicating ourselves to each client’s success as if it were our own. We understand the importance of outcomes, and our approach is tailored to meet the specific goals and needs of each client. With a commitment to excellence, we diligently work to craft strategies that not only address immediate legal concerns but also position our clients for long-term success. Your objectives become our mission, ensuring that every legal solution we provide is aligned with your vision of success

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